Monday, March 5, 2007


Mexico June 2000

While I was living in Mexico, I started sleeping with this one girl who was smoking hot!!! Problem was she was a little immature and could be annoying. Still, the sex was good and we agreed that it was physical, nothing more.

One night, we had gone to a party at a friends house. Both of us had been drinking extraordinary amounts of beer. Then we started some tequila shots. I had probably consumed at least 12 beers and about 5 shots. She was a drinker too. She easily had 8 or 9 beers and 5 shots also. They had the normal chips, tacos, salsas, etc at the party. It was late and someone came up with the idea to have a habanero pepper eating contest. Habaneros are about 100 times hotter than Jalapenos. In fact, they are one of the hottest peppers in the world.

Of course, I was the only guero there, so everyone wanted to see me involved. They thought I couldnt do it. I popped one in, and I was uncomfortable, but it was tolerable. I bit off half of another one, then popped it in. That was all for me. I almost threw up there. I started chugging more beer to put out the fire.

Fast forward back to my apartment, about 1 hour later:

So Claudia and I are starting to get horny. We go straight to the bedroom when we get home and rip our clothes off. She goes down on me for a few minutes then swings her body over me so I am in position for a 69. That is one of our favorite positions. I start working her over with my tongue, then I start fingering her. Within a minute, I hear this screaming. Not screams of ecstasy, but screams of pain. She is in tears and turns to me and asks if I washed my hands after the habanero contests. I wasnt really sure if I had or not. I just turn to her and say Uh, I may have, why? Now she is yelling IT IS BURNING!!!! AWWWWW IT IS BURNING!!! MY GOD!!!!

I am freaking out now. I thought maybe she had some weird STD or something and it went active right at this moment. Are you ok? I ask. Of course, this was a stupid question since she was obviously in pain, but I was drunk and not thinking.

She starts throwing a string of profanities in Spanish at me and runs to the bathroom. She has woken my roommates up. They pop out of their rooms just in time to see her naked, running into the bathroom. They run into my room and ask what is up. I am totally confused.

While Clau is in the shower, I start piecing things together. Apparently, I had some of the Habanero pepper juice still on my fingers. When I started fingering her, I guess the juice somehow got inside her and it started to burn. I couldnt help but laugh a little, although I felt terrible.

She came out of the shower and saw me laughing. Not good. She cussed at me some more in Spanish, then got her clothes on and left.

PS -- I talked to her the next day and she did forgive me. We continued messing around off and on for about a year. She made me vow never to put this story on my website I had then. I figure since this is myspace and I just started this website, I can put it on here. Besides, I know she doesnt have myspace and it has been like 6 years since this happened. I think the statute of limitations has worn out on this one.

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